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Doing Alright is a comedy based on Nicole's life experiences growing up and adulting. Bad with money, great with a (spray) gun. A one woman show about a compulsive shopper who freed herself from divorce, debt, and shame one spray tan at a time. Spray tanning is one of Hollywood's best kept secrets. As a skilled impersonator, Nicole introduces her audience to some of shall we
say....eccentric...clients she's met on her shockingly bizarre journey through the world of spray tanning. 


Nicole’s especially notable impressions are her Jennifer Coolidge, Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Drew Barrymore and Elizabeth Holmes impressions that have tens of thousands and in some cases millions of views on social media. Nicole has trained at The Groundlings and UCB, and has also appeared in sitcoms, such as Two and a Half Men (CBS), The Middle (ABC) and Anger Management (FX).


Nicole recently debuted “Doing Alright” at the legendary Groundlings theater in Los Angeles, with the first two nights selling out in just days. The show was quickly extended for more dates at both the Groundlings and LA’s Dynasty Typewriter, and now has sold out multiple shows during its May run. 

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